Setting up a podcast station with a free recording software

Portable Sound Room

Portable Sound Room

Tips on setting up a podcast station with easy to use podcast equipment
What microphone should I use? Use a condenser microphone that connects via USB. Suggestion: Samson CO1U. A studio microphone. It usually sells for less than $80 and worth every penny.
Recording software: Audacity comes highly recommended and it’s free!! Supporting software, Lame, also must be downloaded. Lame is an important component to export your mp3 files. Audacity is very user-friendly and straight forward. Editing is simple; highlight and delete. Breath sounds can be silenced. Highlight those areas and select the Generator pull down menu and select Silence.

Consider using a do-it-yourself portable sound room. This inexpensive project can eliminate echoes and create a better quality sound. Buy one from the well-known voice actor Harlan Hogan (porta-booth) at ( for about $129, or build the 14” cube yourself. All you need is 5 pieces of foam core cut to 14” and taped together with masking tape and a 2’ by 4’ pyramid sound foam that can be cut down to 3 pieces. The pyramid foam is very effective in creating a quality sound. The longer piece will cover the back and top and the other 2 will cover the sides. The single piece foam can be purchased from B&H Photo for under $40. It also makes a simple home recording studio.

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