Alice 2.0 Digital Storytelling!

Get started creating digital storytelling with free download and existing programs. Alice 2.0 is a free download animation program designed to be used by HS and college level and recently proven that Middle School application should be taken seriously. Alice is a visual drag and drop C++ program that make it easy to use and the student can make it as complex as needed. Alice 3.0 is now available with better media output. The site has plenty of resources and tutorials. Those that are still using Alice 2.0 can output using CamStudio to record as screen capture and output as an AVI file and then import into your Microsoft MovieMaker. Recording voices, sound effects, and student compositions can be recorded and exported MP3 files using the free download Audacity. Music can be added using several free music sites and expecially that has over 6000 files and can be searched by genre. Alice 2.0 and supporting software diagram

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