Ed/Tech Resources

Educational Technology Resources—
Online and Software Products. Most are free and those that have a fee are indicated.

Collaborative Tools —
Voicethread – collaboration video, images, etc. voice and video conversation around an image, such as in multimedia slide show. Free download.
Elluminate – Web conferencing with web, audio, video, and social networking. Price based on size of institution.
Adobe connect pro – web conferencing software. Securely share presentations and multimedia right from your desktop. Interact with learners real time. Up to 100 participants: $45 a month.
Jing – Capture images and videos and add visual images to any kind of online conversations. Free.
Slide show – Publish and share power points and with animations. Free.
Oovoo – One cool feature is record video from two different points with guest speaker option (two open windows). Free download
Webconference – Check website for fee, depending on participants.
Poll anywhere – Instant audience feedback by cell phone, twitter, web browser. Free.
Posterus – Record video with phone and upload to account and it is posted and with a designated link to blog, twitter, and LMS. Free.
Mahara – An online eportfolio that will work with Moodle. It also is a way to manage resources, goals, and ideas. Free but must be loaded on a local server. Free.
Google docs – Create and share your work online and access your documents from anywhere. Create surveys, peer evaluation from students and share the results. It is capable to download to Excel. Free.

Educational Game Development —
Open Wonderland – Create educational games. Free.
Alice – Create educational games. Free. —
Game salad – Create educational games. Free.
unity3d – Create educational games. Free.
Scratch – Create educational games. Free.
Machinima – Create educational games. Free. —

Elearning Development —

Video hosting – Free

Audacity Audio – Professional quality sound editing. Free download —

Music for production

Screen capture
CamStudio – Free download
Camtasia – Check website for purchase price

3D Architecture
Sketchup – Create 3d objects, products, and architecture. Free.

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