Camera Recorder Plugin for Google Sketch-up  The Camera Recorder Plugin is a great way to record a building video walk through. Chis Fullmer has posted his Camera Recorder v1.7 on forum for download. You must register on to access his download. Once you have registered do a search for Camera Recorder v1.7 on that will take you to it. Update plugin and it appears in the Menu bar. Also, it has a great video demonstration of navigating with and demonstrating the plugin.

This plugin will record your navigation movements and export them as a series of images. You can then put them together into a movie using something like QuickTime Pro. To upgrade to Pro you have to shell out the 30 bucks or so to access the “image sequencer.”

Basic directions:
Create a folder on the C drive.
Click on the walk through icon (the two feet)
Set at 15 frames per second
Start recording
Stop recording
Click on the check mark to export recording to your folder on C drive (jpeg format)
Download Complete
Open QuickTime Pro
File – Open Image Sequence
Dialog box – select first image in file on C drive, usually “image00000” – select 15 frames per second – enter
Creates a video and go to file to export
Create file name
Export – select Movie to QuickTime Movie (must scroll down and select it to activate)
Video has been saved as a .mov movie.

Menu Bar

Green button is Record. Red button is Stop.
Green Check is Export. Blue button is Play.
X button is Clear images from previous


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